Vigil Game’s Associate Producer Jay Fitzloff continues to answer some more questions about Darksiders II in the second part of our exclusive interview.


The world in DS1 was pretty large, but fairly linear with limited exploration opportunities.  With the fast travel system in place, will the game world in DS2 be larger and somewhat more open to exploration? 

Totally. There’s a main story line to lead you through our worlds, but also many mysterious doors, side tracks and temptations to lead you off the beaten path. Personally, I think one of our side quests is the coolest mission in the game.

How large is the focus on loot in the game? Is it reminiscent of games such as Diablo/Borderlands? Or more closer to a game like Kingdoms of Amalur?

I wouldn’t call loot a focus of the game, more of a prominent feature. Darksiders II would still be entirely playable and incredibly fun without the loot; but is enriched because of its implementation.

With the inclusion of Legendary loot, will players be rewarded for exploring and finding these special items?

Oh yes. We’ve got special items as rewards for completing epic quests, powerful armor sets with the pieces hidden in different places, and items so well hidden that I didn’t even know about them until I was proof reading the strategy guide!

How will the items trading amongst players work?  Can you only trade with players who are actively online at that moment?  Or will there be some sort of auction house to place items in to be traded when others offer some sort of minimum bid or items value?

We have an interesting mechanic in place which allows players to trade items with their friends. This means if you are building a primarily magic based character you can help your melee focused friends with any great items you find and don’t need. There won’t be an auction-house system to sell these items.

With the weapon possession, what will players “feed” to the weapon to earn level ups?  I assume souls, but will they be the souls of any enemy you kill with that particular weapon or can souls be “banked” and allocated as the player sees fit.  Do all enemy souls count towards the leveling up or only higher level enemies or bosses?

Nope, you feed them other weapons and armor. This gives the Possessed Weapon experience points (the more powerful item you feed to it, the more xp it gets), and eventually levels it up. When the item goes up a level, its stats increase and you get to give it a new ability based off the abilities that the items you fed to it had.

If you could only tell us one feature that would make us go out and buy the game, what would it be?

You get to play as Death, the most feared of the horsemen of the apocalypse, what could be more exciting.

The environmental art in the game is really astounding. Every time I see a comment about Darksiders II’s graphics, the person makes note of the environment. Is there a screenshot that you can share with us that will “wow” the fans?

Attaching one of my favorites. This is Death looking out over Tri Stone, the home of the Makers (Ulthane from the first Darksiders is a Maker). I love it because, honestly, if this were a sight you could visit in our world it would be the most photographed place of all time. (See Featured Image)

What has been the hardest part about developing Darksiders II so far?

Having to say no to a great idea because of time and/or technology constraints. The only thing that makes that less difficult is knowing that every video game ever designed has had to do the same thing.

Can you tell us anything about the Wii U version of the game?

Just that it’s coming together very well and will be a launch title for the system.

A question that we ask in every interview to developers is where do you think the single player experience is headed in the wake of a generation heavily focused on connectivity and online play.

Video games by their nature are technologically driven, and humans by their nature are social – so this perceived shift to online multiplayer is simply an extension of these two core elements intertwining. However, there will always be single player games because there will always be an audience that desires that experience. What I think will happen, though, is that single player games will find non-obtrusive ways to allow people to share what they’ve seen and done while playing solo. It’s no different than going to see a movie or going to an arcade back in the day. Talking about what you’ve seen and played becomes a way to socially bond, and is ultimately more powerful than the game itself.

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  2. he has a brain about single player

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