BioShock‘s former creative director Jordan Thomas hopes Cloud Chamber learns from the mistakes of BioShock 2.

In an interview with TechRadar, Thomas revealed that the sequel in the BioShock series suffered due to interference from publisher 2K Games. He described his initial intention was to form a dreamscape version of Rapture’s past by allowing players to uncover the personal history of a Little Sister.

However, he felt compelled to step out of the way because the version of the game that publisher 2K Games wanted conflicted with his own. Historically, Thomas highlighted structural issues, including time and creative pressures, namely that he only had two years to build BioShock 2.

Thomas said he hopes Cloud Chamber learns from past mistakes and is allowed freedom to develop an experience to continue BioShock‘s legacy of taking players to unexpected places:

I hope they cast off the chains of the past, that they feel as unbound as possible. That is what I’d hope the series [is] known for: taking you to places you didn’t expect, thematically and physically.

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  1. Is Bioshock 2 considered to be a bad game? I really enjoyed it, not as much as the first game but I thought it was pretty great. Is the consensus that it wasn’t good?

    1. I believe the typical consensus for Bioshock 2 is that it’s not as great as the first one. I’m currently going through 1 for the first time and am having an absolute BLAST! I hear the Minerva’s Den DLC for 2 is supposed to be miles better than the base game though.

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