They’re just about here. The two 2014 installments of the Assassin’s Creed franchise, Assassin’s Creed: Unity and Assassin’s Creed: Rogue, both release tomorrow, Tuesday, November 11th, here in the United States of America, while players in all other regions except Japan will need to wait until November 13th, and players in Japan have to wait until December 4th.

With release dates out of the way, here is a roundup of everything we know about Unity and Rogue, respectively….


AC Unity


If you’d like the short and skinny on what Unity is and what it’s about, you can watch this 101 trailer below.

We covered the initial leak on Kotaku of this next-gen only title back in March, and it’s only become more and more tantalizingly-beautiful as time went by.

The official trailer release and announcement by Ubisoft a day later confirmed that this French Revolution-era Assassin’s Creed is titled Unity. Fast-forward a few months, and Ubisoft gave us a release date of October 28th during E3 (which is obviously wrong, since you wouldn’t be reading this if the game had come out that day).

Along with that release date came the welcome news that Paris, the principle city in Unity, will be larger than all of the landmasses in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag combined. In case you don’t know, that’s a gargantuan size. Ubisoft also proudly showed the addition of a long-desired crouch button to go together with well-placed cover spots (see the gameplay showing off the feature below). The crowds are going to be larger and more life-like, and NPC behavior will also be more fluid and realistic. Online competitive multiplayer was announced to be absent, and the exciting real-time 4-player co-op seen in the trailer and gameplay is completely optional (but why would you not?). Oh, and did I mention the no-loadtime-lag seamless entry into an out of buildings and the fully-customizable outfits? No, I don’t think I did.

Ubisoft also dubbed a new Adaptive Mission Mechanic that makes the mission objectives and the restrictions on how you achieve them much more flexible. If, for example, you get detected while you’re supposed to stay incognito, then instead of desynchronizing as you annoyingly did in past titles like AC3, the objectives simply rearrange themselves to fit the new situation of either a chase or assassination.

Shortly after E3, Ubisoft Montreal senior producer Vincent Pontbriant revealed that the modern-day storyline will pit players as an Animus operator, who is contacted by the Assassins to explore the genetic memories of Arno Dorian, the new star Assassin in Unity. By doing so, Pontbriant said, players will dig up the answers the Assassins are looking for.

In Unity, Arno turns to the Assassins as a means of searching for the truth behind the murder of his father while learning about the powers controlling France during the tumultuous French Revolution. A notable point to make is that the in-Animus events of Unity take place after the event of AC3.

The main campaign missions have been estimated to take around 15-20 hours to complete. Add to that the Herculean task of achieving the series-mainstay (since AC Brotherhood) 100% sync, and players should need around 100 hours to do so.

Not too long after, Ubisoft released a trailer (that you can see below) that revealed Elise, a woman who Arno saves from death by guillotine and then fights beside, despite the surprise that *gasp* she is wearing a Templar cross necklace. Although no further information is available about their relationship in-game, it has been stated that she develops an unlikely bond with him, so like with Altair and Maria, try not to get too lost while untangling the complex web that their story is sure to make.

Fast forward to late August. Ubisoft decided to delay Unity to a November 11th release date, out of concern for “quality assurance.” Late September saw the details of Unity’s early-2015 Season Pass: DLC packs titled The Dead Kings and exclusive missions, items, and outfits, as well as the standalone Assassin’s Creed: Chronicles: China, just to name what is currently announced. AC: Chronicles: China features Shao Jun, the Chinese assassin featured in the animated short about Ezio’s twilight, Assassin’s Creed: Embers.

Last but not least, since late October until launch tomorrow, Xbox One owners who pre-order Unity can pre-download the title.

One more thing: the day before Halloween, Ubisoft released a trailer showcasing the intriguing time anomaly feature that can’t be described in words; it needs to be seen. So watch it below, and be glad that it won’t be long until release.

Set for release tomorrow for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, be sure to stay with OnlySP for our review of  Unity sometime in the coming weeks.


AC Rogue


Similar to its Unity counterpart, Assassin’s Creed: Rogue was leaked back in late July, and we were there to cover it. Early August saw the official reveal of Rogue by Ubisoft via GameInformer, along with a reveal trailer that you can see below. In the same issue, Rogue was also revealed to be a single-player only title.


In a Ubisoft blog post, the assassin in Rogue, named Shay Patrick Cormac, sees a mission go horribly awry. In the haze of feelings and regrets and confusion that he experiences after the incident, his assassin brothers attempt to kill him to avoid complications. Gravely injured, Shay recovers under the care of a charitable family, whose son is revealed to be a Templar. However, in looking for a way to repay the family’s kindness, Shay ends up deciding to side with the Templars, not out of a desire for vengeance, but because he agrees more with how the Templars go about achieving the same things the Assassins do.

The character of Shay provides the model of a man who changed allegiances out of a desire to right the wrongs of the past, rather than just following the same standard recipe. It’s also stated that Shay will encounter and assist a familiar face to fans of AC3: Haytham Kenway. Together, Shay and Haytham will work to destroy the American Brotherhood of Assassins that we find already-wrecked in AC3. Developers hope that Shay will show players that there is no black-and-white in the war between the Assassins and Templars, and that both sides carry their own merits when viewed certain ways and from certain perspectives. For more on the story, be sure to watch the story trailer below.


Gameplay in Rogue will revolve around land and sea combat, as in AC3, but with the technological might of the Templar Order. Shay holds the power of an air rifle with multiple types of ammunition effective on close and long range targets, while the sea component includes a new ship, The Morrigan, and a machine-gun-like weapon, the puckle gun. Icebergs and icefields add an extra layer of complexity to naval gameplay, able to be both a good cover area and a dangerous obstacle. These are only some of the many features set to please in Rogue. The two gameplay videos below showcase some of these features and more.

In mid-October, Ubisoft announced that Rouge will also be coming to PC in early 2015.

Rogue is set to release November 11 for PS3 and Xbox 360, and PC in early 2015. Be sure to look out for our review of Rogue soon.

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