If ever you were worried about whether ambitious space shooter Everspace would manage to get off the ground, you shouldn’t have been.

It seems that the game’s blend of beautiful visuals and the promise of a “captivating, non-linear story” among a variety of other cool features has been more than enough to excite the gaming community in to raising a substantial amount more than the project’s initial $255,000 goal, with the campaign ending on over $476,000. You can check it out here, where you will also find an in-depth exploration of what developers Rockfish Games have set out to achieve.

Originally Everspace was to be released on PC through Steam with virtual reality capabilities that are set to make the visuals even more breathtaking, but they also had Mac, Linux and future console versions as stretch goals, among various other extra features. The vast outpouring of support has meant that the Mac and Linux versions have been unlocked and the developers are now able to provide the game in a vast array of languages, but the campaign did not reach the money required for any console version to come to pass, so this looks unlikely.

Regardless, the resoundingly successful campaign means that the game will be more than just a concept soon, with the Alpha version set to release around March 2016.

Sep Gohardani

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