Just yesterday Paradox Interactive released the fifth expansion pack to Europa Universalis IV “Common Sense”. It’s priced at the usual EU4 expansion pack price of $14.99, but you need not pay that full list price. You can take 20% off at GMG with a coupon code, marking it down to only $12.

Even more timely is a deal on the Europa Universalis IV Collection Pack, now instantly down from $100 to only $24.99 – a 75% savings. Use the same 20% off coupon code to chop the price to only twenty bucks (a final 80% off MSRP).


Note: The deals at GMG are only around for a limited time. The 20% off coupon will run through Friday, June 12th..

For those curious, the Europa Universalis IV Collection contains the EU4 base game and 24 DLC/Expansion packs. Unfortunately not included in the collection is the latest “Common Sense” expansion, but you will get the “Wealth of Nations” and “Conquest of Paradise” – both of which were fairly large expansions and normally cost $14.99 apiece.

The same 80% discount also applies to the “Paradox Grand Strategy Pack” at GMG. This pack gets you 4 hardcore strategy titles from Paradox: Europa Universalis IV, Victoria II, Hearts of Iron 3, and Crusader Kings 2. Buying each game separately on its own can cost up to $40 apiece, so there’s some serious savings available there too.

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