Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) are usually sent out with review copies or press releases we get ahead of their pre-determined release date. In such cases, we will accept the terms set by the NDA. If the NDA seeks to limit our editorial capacity in a way that would negatively impact our ability to provide objective coverage to our consumers, it will not be accepted.

Press Events

Writers will disclose any and all expenses paid for by a developer to travel to a press event if any accommodations are provided.


Staff members are allowed to take part in crowdfunding campaigns, but must disclose to the OnlySP administrative team when they do so. Disclosures will be made within any related content by staff members related to crowdfunding campaigns.


OnlySP accepts sponsored articles and events and will disclose any and all sponsored posts or events with the appropriate labels.

Journalistic Ethics

OnlySP follows the SPJ Code of Ethics, you can find a full outline of those ethical policies at the link.


If a story prompts a comment from whoever’s involved, they will have no less than 12 hours to provide a response before we air the story.

Editorial Ethics

OnlySP writers are, like every person on the internet, entitled to voice and express their views and opinions. This privilege includes the opinions and views expressed in editorial pieces they may write. Thus, the views and opinions expressed in such editorials belong only to the writer who published them, and do not necessarily reflect those of the OnlySP administration and other writers of the site.