White Paper Games and the Playstation Blog have just announced their upcoming game lineup for PS Plus in May. Leading the charge is Ether One by White Paper Games.

To commemorate the announcement, a new trailer was released for the game which shows off the significantly upgraded graphics of the game due to the Unreal Engine 4 port. You can check out that trailer just below:

One of our former writers, Randy Fluharty reviewed the game and was pleasantly surprised with it. Here’s a quote from the review for those of you looking for an opinion on the game: “I really wish I could talk more about the story, but I do think you’d be better off jumping in and seeing it for yourself. In fact, I would recommend that you do. While there isn’t much content if you avoid the puzzles, the story truly is a triumph for video games. If you’re into games like Dear Esther or Gone Home, you should probably consider buying this game. Once the game is discounted on Steam or Humble Bundle, you shouldn’t even hesitate to grab it.”

We’ll bring you some updated impressions on the game once it becomes available to us. Stay tuned to OnlySP by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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