Another Dead Island game has been announced for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC this year titled, Escape Dead Island. If you’re thinking this is just a crash grab though, think again because Escape from Dead Island is another shake up for the traditional Dead Island formula.

The official set of details for the game can found just below and guess what? The game is single player only this time around as well. We always like to hear that.

In this single-player experience, fans will take on the role of ambitious Cliff Calo, son of a wealthy media empire mogul with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove, as he traverses across the globe to Banoi after hearing about the gruesome events that took place in the original global best-seller, Dead Island. Can Cliff uncover the clandestine origins of the virus and get out before it’s too late?

With an exceptionally striking comic-vignette art style, Escape Dead Island emphasizes a story driven plot which pits players against their own psyche as they try to escape the island and the cryptic, looping horrors that lurk there. Penned by Emmy® award-winning author Anne Toole, Escape Dead Island catapults Dead Island fans onto a lush tropical island infested with brutal zombies where only cunning stealth can help players retain their sanity.

The game is set to release this fall with a price point of $39.99 and if you pre-order the game you are guaranteed access to Dead Island 2’s beta when it is made available. You can check out the first trailer for Escape from Dead Island below which reveals the game will be played in a third person view instead of first person, along with other interesting gameplay elements.

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  1. Since when dead island became such a hit that they gone to milk it to shit?

    i liked it and finsihed it, but come on, riptide, that arena spinoff, dead island 2 and now this, i havent even played riptide, then there is daylight and a bazillion of other zombie games.

    HUR DUR so many good ideas what shall we do? I KNOW lets make ANOTHER zombie game, cant have enough of those now cant we?

    Atleast this one looks diffirent from the traditional dead island game.

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