The Council

Big Bad Wolf Studio has revealed that the second episode of its acclaimed narrative adventure The Council will premiere next week.

Episode two of the season, ‘Hide and Seek’, will be available for purchase from May 17, though owners of the complete season on either PC or consoles will have access to the new content two days earlier. Few details on the newest episode are available as yet, though players will again take the role of Louis de Richet on his quest to find his mother, while also interacting with the newly introduced characters of Lord Mortimer and the Spanish head of state.

Although adhering quite closely to the narrative adventure format popularised by Telltale Games, The Council adds in a host of innovations, including RPG mechanics and a Confrontations system that forces players to think carefully about their dialogue choices.

OnlySP’s impression of the first episode, ‘The Mad Ones’, which concludes that the title leaves”the user [feeling] like the architect of Louis’s relationships and destiny, which is a quality that few other games […] can claim to achieve,” is available here.

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