Epic Games is looking to set up a new development studio in Baltimore and Michael Capps, President of Epic Games, seems to have his eyes set on hiring members of Big Huge Games to staff the new development studio.

On Wednesday, the ex-BHG leadership team contacted us.  They wanted to start a new company and keep together some of the key talent displaced by the layoff, and hoped that they could use an Epic IP as a starting point for a new game.  We loved that they all wanted to keep working together, but it was pretty clear they’d have trouble building a demo and securing funding before their personal savings ran out.

It’ll take a while to find space, set up desks and PCs, purchase sufficient Nerf weaponry and Dr. Pepper, etc.  But some of these folks have been going too long without a paycheck to wait for that.  So, as soon as we can, we’re going to try to get people working down here at Epic headquarters in Cary, NC as contractors.

There’s a million things to work out.  How many of the team can we hire?  What will it be called?  What will they be working on?  We don’t know all the answers yet.  Please give us some time to figure it out; we hope to have more to share soon.

The way we see it, there’s been a big storm in Baltimore, and we’re taking in a few of the refugees — as are the awesome folks at Zynga East, Zenimax Online, and other southeastern studios.  Epic’s in a situation where we can do this, and it very clearly fits with our company values, so we’re going to give it a whirl.


It isn’t that big of a surprise that companies are looking to pick up the talented developers at Big Huge Games, but it’s nice that Epic is looking at grabbing these guys as quickly as possible. We’ll keep you updated when more info comes in. Hopefully we’ll see another RPG from these talented developers sooner than later.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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