Endnight Games recently revealed that The Forest has sold an astounding 5 million copies, making the game one of the best selling indie games of all time.

OnlySP reached out to Endnight to follow up on that story to see how the studio has changed over the last five years of developing The Forest, and little has changed for the small development team.

“We’re still really small,” said Creative Director of Endnight Games, Ben Falcone. “We’ve tried scaling up, but it just doesn’t seem to work for us. Having a really small and agile team that works well together can be much better than a larger team that isn’t as focused. We feel a lot of our success on The Forest, along with it’s VR port and the PS4 release come from us being able to work on every aspect of the game ourselves.”

Even though The Forest released five years ago, sales have actually been increasing for the game over time.

“It’s done really well and continues to,” said Falcone. This current year looks to be the best we’ve ever had sales-wise.”

The Forest, as of November 6, is now available on the PlayStation 4, but Endnight is not finished with The Forest just yet. Along with patches to continue improving and fixing any issues that may arise on the PS4 version of the game, Endnight is preparing some new content for the game as well.

In December, The Forest will receive a patch on both the PC and PS4 that will add a new creature, some new clothing, new buildables, and some new weapons. Endnight Games has more content cooking in the oven,  however.

Falcone told OnlySP that Endnight currently has an idea for a new game and wants to develop it much in the same way that they developed The Forest.

“We have an idea right now about a new type of game,” said Falcone. “Something unlike anything else that currently exists. We’d like to make it the same way as we made The Forest, using a really small team and utilizing procedural art generation, outsourcing, and player feedback to really fast take some big risks with ideas that might be too expensive to do otherwise.”

The Forest was released during the beginnings of the Early Access craze and remains as one of the best-handled games within that service.

With just under 90,000 user reviews on Steam, and a brand new playerbase on the PS4, Endnight Games surely has quite a few people on the lookout for its next project.

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Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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