What a run. The folks at Harmonix have graced us with weekly DLC for their Rock Band franchise for five years. As a huge fan, and still occasional plastic guitar shredder, it’s an effort that I can say never went unnoticed by the fan-community. Over 4,000 songs have been made available for download, but as of April that trend sadly comes to an end.

Aaron Trites, Harmonix‘s Manager of Community Development, announced on the Rock Band forums that the company has been gradually slowing the development of new tracks and that as of April 2nd the weekly DLC will no longer be available. Trites sites a focus on next-generation titles as the reason for the decision within the company.

It’s been widely speculated that Harmonix is developing a game to go with the new Xbox’s almost surely to be included advanced Kinect. Team resources have thus been permanently pulled from generating new DLC songs and are instead focused on the newer project. So if you’re anything like me and love throwing on some headphones to rock out to Free Bird or Green Grass and High Tides every now and then, get used to your current library because your options are about to be limited. However, I’m guessing there’s still a couple thousand songs you’ve yet to pick up yet…

Jeff Scott
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