A new developer diary for Alien: Isolation was released today, revealing a few interesting bits of info about the game and player experiences.

According to Designer, Gary Napper, “Depending how cautious players are, we’ve seen encounters in Alien: Isolation last well over 30 mintues in some cases. This just cannot be done with scripted behavior.” He goes on further to explain how they’re making sure the Alien won’t become just a nuisance for players and will remain a threat throughout the entire game by saying “As soon as the player can predict a pattern in the Alien it stops being scary. It [The Alien] doesn’t follow any prescribed path or set of behaviors telling it to do specific things. It’s just reacting to the player’s presence and choices the player makes.”

The Alien literally is hunting you in Isolation, according to the developers. It will certainly be interesting to see what kinds of scenarios are developed that will keep players moving through the game and not just get stuck at one point if you’re too afraid to move forward.

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Nick Calandra
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  1. This game is sounding really awesome!

  2. oh god…I’m gonna have very long encounters with this thing, as when it comes to stealth, I get extremely hardcore.

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