Enchanted Portals

Xixo Games Studio has announced that it is currently negotiating with a publisher and delaying its Kickstarter campaign for Enchanted Portals until further notice.

Enchanted Portals made waves across social media when its Kickstarter trailer was released earlier this month, mostly due to harsh criticism relating to its similarities to Cuphead.

Public sentiment towards Enchanted Portals and developer Xixo Games Studio seems to have slightly shifted since then, and the video has amassed over 300 thousand views on YouTube.

On October 14, just under a month after the trailer was released, Xixo Games Studio took to the Enchanted Portals Facebook page to clear up recent assertions:

“Xixo Games Studio is a small indie studio of only two people, Daniel (CEO, game director and programmer) and Gemma (artist and composer). Enchanted Portals is our very first game, we are both avid Cuphead fans and our initial idea was to make a game heavily inspired by it, not to attack it or compete with it, but to celebrate it and because we’d love to see more Cuphead-like games out there. We’ve put all our love and care into this project, and it all comes from a place of respect and admiration for the original.”

Daniel and Gemma go on to state that they have listened to criticism and will be making an effort to differentiate Enchanted Portals from Cuphead by “adding some more original gameplay mechanics, a more whimsical soundtrack that fits the setting, and as many other unique elements as possible.”

With so many writing the project off as a Cuphead clone, at least one publisher seems to have confidence in its success.

On October 22, the duo behind Xixo Games Studio told its Facebook followers that they were “in the middle of negotiations” with a publisher and, as a result, delaying their Kickstarter campaign “indefinitely.” Daniel and Gemma also expressed optimism about working on Enchanted Portals sooner than they had originally planned.

This is really good news because if all goes well, we could [start] working on our game much sooner than expected, being able to solely focus on production and with a much higher scope than we previously thought possible!

Funding for Enchanted Portals was supposed to begin today, October 24, but will now take place at a later date (if at all).

Since announcing a potential deal with a publisher, comments on the game’s YouTube trailer and Facebook page have become significantly tamer, with many people showing support and looking forward to positive news.

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