The Swedish developer Pixel Night and the publisher Iceberg Interactive have released a teaser trailer for their upcoming game called Empathy, a first-person, action adventure game for the PC.

Empathy will have a focus on storytelling and exploration, in a world where society has collapsed and the main protagonist experiences the memories and emotions of the people who once lived in Empathy’s setting through mementos scattered throughout the world.

There will be puzzle solving elements involving the observation and manipulation of emotions, uncovering what lead to the disaster the world succumbed to. Shifting perspectives in first-person, players will piece together important events that lead to the post-apocalyptic setting.

Empathy is slated for a digital release on various platforms including Steam, as well as a European retail release in 2016.

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Reginald Perodin
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  1. Looks like Ether One meets Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. Played the first, wish I could play the second, but exclusivity, so… Empathy is thankfully for us too. Its concept is interesting, if it has depth to it.

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