The Elder Scrolls VI

Following the conclusion of Bethesda’s E3 presentation with a teaser for The Elder Scrolls VI, game director Todd Howard has hinted that the title will be a traditional Bethesda RPG.

With the company deep in development of the multiplayer-oriented Fallout 76 and the mobile title The Elder Scrolls: Arena, fans may have been forgiven for thinking that Bethesda Game Studios might move away from the sprawling, AAA single-player adventures that have defined the company’s output to date. However, speaking to Eurogamer at Gamelab, Howard alluded to the fact that The Elder Scrolls VI will be what fans want.

When asked about why the team had decided to break with recent tradition and announce the project several years ahead of its prospective release date, Howard explained:

“There were two things in our heads about that. One, we’re going to E3 and showing a new Fallout game which is very different than we usually do, and then we’re going to show you an Elder Scrolls game that is very different than we would usually do, and if we leave it just at that, our fans are like, ‘… – Are you still going to do the things I love?'”

While the comment is not explicit about the nature of The Elder Scrolls VI, the suggestion of wanting to appease fans who might be upset by the “different” nature of the other two titles carries implicit meaning that the project will be a return to form. At present, the game remains in pre-production, though, according to the interview, a setting has been settled on. While Howard was not forthcoming about the expected release window for The Elder Scrolls VI, he did confirm that Starfield will release before it.

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