Edge of Eternity

Midgar Studio has announced that a robust modkit for the JRPG-inspired Edge of Eternity will be made available on day one of the game’s Early Access period.

The Eternity Forge, as the development team has chosen to name the package, will give interested users access to almost all of the tools used to build the game. Indeed, the kit will allow players to swap every character model and edit any asset currently within the game. However, the tools go deeper still, enabling the creation of cutscenes, weapons, characters, and more.

The project’s most recent Kickstarter update also reveals that The Eternity Forge will provide the ability to create total conversion mods by completely replacing all of the base materials of Edge of Eternity.

While the modkit will surely most appeal to hobbyist modders, Midgar Studio is aiming to ensure it is “user-friendly” and will seek feedback throughout the Early Access period to ensure this goal is met.

The team has also provided the first details of the voice cast. Daryon—the star of the game—will be portrayed by Micah Solusod (My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball Super). Other key members of the cast include Aryn Rozelle (Break a Leg), Deneen Melody (Shadowverse), and Joe Cheney (Healer’s Quest)

Edge of Eternity (and The Eternity Forge) will enter Early Access on November 29, though Midgar Studio has given no indication yet of how long that period will last.

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