Members of the Ecco The Dolphin and Ecco: Tides of Time team have regathered to put together their next aquatic vision. Ed Annunziata, creator of the famous dolphin games, is the producer of the team’s new project, The Big Blue. Ed has rejoined with Spencer Nilson who previously contributed as composer for the Ecco games.

Together with members of their team, they have taken to Kickstarter to hopefully fund their ambitious new title. Ed states that while this isn’t a sequel to Ecco, it is the “next evolutionary step.”

“We want to make something epic. Something with smooth game controls, deep backstory, emphasis on exploration and artificial life.”

The game will deal with dilemmas such as climate change, mass extinction, predation, evolution and bio-genesis. It takes place after the extinction of humans, and thus oceanic life is able to evolve to levels never previously possible with our interference.

The information trailer released is loaded with details about the title. Check it out below to get a full grasp of the vision the designers are going for. The team is hoping to release the title April 22, 2014. Big Blue is be available on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. Ed further mentions “once we are done with the first version of the game I will convince Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo to embrace the game. We want the Big Blue everywhere.”

The Kickstarter ends April 29th. You can test out a prototype version of the game here. Dive in.

Jeff Scott
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