Eastshade 3

Eastshade Studios has offered a new look at its first-person open-world exploration game Eastshade, which is set to be released soon on PC and consoles.

The trailer looks strikingly similar to the first teaser released in 2016, but with significantly more polish.

Players will assume the role of a travelling painter as they explore the varied environments of Eastshade, interact with fully voice acted inhabitants, and ply their trade as a landscape painter. The trailer also hints at how the intuitive painting mechanic will work in game. Eastshade will have no combat, instead focusing on exploration and non-violent gameplay.

The major appeal of the project appears to lay in the beauty of its landscapes, which have received a fresh lick of paint. The trailer is evidence of how much effort has gone into the design of Eastshade‘s open world, with the highlight being the vibrant and bustling seaside town seen at the trailer’s conclusion.

If a game is going to rely heavily on an uninhibited painting mechanic, the open world needs to consistently reflect the aesthetic details of landscape artwork. Unsurprisingly, the co-dependency of the world and the project’s mechanics has led to Eastshade being in development for five years, but it looks to be in good shape for a release sometime this year.

OnlySP’s Andrea Giargiari conducted an interview with lead developer Danny Weinbaum in 2016, wherein Weinbaum detailed the challenge of creating fresh open world experiences.

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