Leaving Lyndow

Eastshade Studios, the developers of Eastshade, have taken a break from working on their main title to focus on a much smaller, more linear adventure called Leaving Lyndow.

Leaving Lyndow is currently seeking approval on Steam Greenlight, and the developers have described the game as “a short, first-person exploration adventure game, set in the Eastshade universe.” The project is envisioned as a spin-off that ties into the much larger game they are currently working on which, again, is titled Eastshade.

Realising that this may be a little confusing, the developers have released a very helpful devlog (embedded below) to explain what is exactly going on.

In Leaving Lyndow, players will assume the role of Clara, a recent graduate, as she makes the final rounds of her island home before setting off to join the Guild of Maritime Exploration. The game is described as “a peaceful experience” that can be completed in a single session.

The debut trailer captures this sense of quietness and shows off some of the gameplay mechanics, which, like several other games of recent times, centre around the uncovering of a low-key narrative.

Taking to Twitter late last week, Eastshade Studios announced that Leaving Lyndow will release for PC on February 8.

We produced a massive interview with Eastshade Studios last year to talk about Eastshade. To find out more about the game, feel free to click on the link and learn about the story behind the development of the game. along with gameplay details.

OnlySP should have a review of Leaving Lyndow not long after release. Stay tuned for further coverage by following us on Facebook and Twitter.


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