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Danny Weinbaum, lead developer for Eastshade Studios, has offered further details about the team’s upcoming non-combat RPG Eastshade.

Speaking to 80 Level, Weinbaum opened up about multiple topics, including his life’s work as an environment artist and the very fine attention to detail in the crafting and architecture of the world in Eastshade—going so far as to discuss the proper ways to design a window and the incompatibility between Romanesque and Gothic arches—but one of the more important takeaways from the article is perhaps the new details on the gameplay itself.

Back in October, OnlySP reported on the studio’s efforts to fully voice the cast of NPCs in Eastshade. Now, Weinbaum has not only confirmed that charatcers will be fully voiced, but also fully mobile, roaming the world with their own schedules. This dynamism represents the biggest challenge in development, according to Weinbaum.

As shown in the trailer released earlier this yearEastshade will focus on the completion of quests through painting, and Weinbaum was keen to expand on that. After explaining that he loves Skyrim for the ability to wander the world and enjoy the scenery, Weinbaum linked that to the painting mechanic. He explains the idea thus: “This works in perfect harmony with wandering and smelling the roses, because the slower the player goes, and the more they let the sense of place wash over them, the better they will do at these quests.”

The interview also revealed that the game will be shipped to PC first, with consoles to follow, and the team is aiming for a 2018 release, but no hard date was confirmed.

The exclusive interview that OnlySP’s Andrea Giargiari conducted with Weinbaum back in 2016 can be found here.

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