Earthworm Jim 2019

Intellivision Entertainment has announced that a new Earthworm Jim game will be released exclusively for its upcoming Amico console.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series, which debuted in 1994 on the Sega Genesis, Intellivision Entertainment announced that the original Earthworm Jim development team is returning to create a new game in the series. The game will be released exclusively on the upcoming Intellivision Amico gaming console.

Ten of the programmers, artists, level designers, and audio staff from the original game will return to develop the new title.

Intellivision will be hosting a 20-minute live stream on May 4 at 12:00 p.m. PST to celebrate the news. The live simulcast will take place during the first design meeting with the original team as they respond to comments, share original designs, and give away some signed art.

“We have been talking about this moment for many years,” said Intellivision Entertainment CEO Tommy Tallarico, who worked as composer and sound designer on the first two Earthworm Jim titles. “Intellevision Amico is designed to bring friends and families together and we are excited for fans and those just being introduced to the series to get a first look as we kick-off the design of the game.”

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Rhain Radford-Burns
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