Earth Defense Force

The Japanese publisher, D3 Publisher, finally confirmed a Western release for Earth Defense Force 5 with a new trailer.

As the seventh instalment in the well-established series, Earth Defense Force 5 released in Japan back in December 2017, exclusively on the PlayStation 4. The game builds on the gruesomely obscene mass invasions of gigantic insects and arachnids from the previous titles. With jetpacks, missile launchers, and mechs at the player’s disposable, they  are tasked with defending Warth’s cities and wiping out the invading swarms, Starship Troopers style.

Earth Defense Force 5 features enemies ranging from terrifying, web-slinging spiders to the bizarre colossal humanoid toads with equally large blasters. The game has received positive reviews thus far from its Japanese audience, with the promise of extreme and wacky scenarios as players defend against hordes of unthinkable horrors.

Meanwhile, D3 Publisher has already announced a follow-up, Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain, which is being developed by Yukes rather than the traditional team Sandlot and is scheduled for a Japanese launch some time in 2019

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