Phoenix Point, the newest game from the creator of the original X-Com series, will feature a world that changes with each playthrough.

According to the Phoenix Point blog, “every new game of Phoenix Point will be different.” The varying experiences are a result of a simulation that determines the state of the world at the beginning of each campaign. The simulation’s calculations are influenced by each faction’s personality, which determines the result of “several years of war between the factions and the independent Havens, fighting over outposts and resources.”

In addition, Phoenix Point boasts realistic ballistics, “going back to the original X-Com roots.” Different weapon types can affect a shot’s trajectory. Stray shots can still hit intended targets, “or even friendlies if they get in the way.” Players will be viewing targets from the shooter’s perspective, allowing them to manually adjust their aim to increase the shooter’s chances of hitting the target. A targeting reticle indicates the probable area where shots will land.

Cover also plays an important role, with “cover [being] a physical barrier, which will vary depending on the size and shape of the object being used as cover.” The simulated projectile will have a chance to hit the cover, “unless it can find a way around or through [the object] to reach its target.”

Phoenix Point is a turn-based tactics and open-world strategy game being developed by Snapshot Games. The game features an apocalyptic story; deep, strategic gameplay; huge boss monsters; and a mutating alien threat. Moreover, gamers will be able to research new technology to give them an edge over their enemies, as well as customize their soldiers to best outfit them to tackle the destructible environments.

No specific release date has been announced, but the game is slated to be out sometime in Q4 2018 for Microsoft Windows and Linux.

Snapshot Games was founded in 2013 by Julian Gollop and David Kaye. The company’s first game was Chaos Reborn, a sequel to 1985’s Chaos. Chaos Reborn was successfully funded on Kickstarter in April 2014 and published in October 2015. Snapshot Games reached its USD$500,000 Fig campaign goal for Phoenix Point in less than a week.

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