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The second single-player ‘War Stories’ campaign of Battlefield V will take players to northern Africa as a British criminal, according to the much-anticipated shooter’s latest trailer .

Called ‘Under No Flag’, the campaign will have the protagonist using “his unique set of skills behind enemy lines,” but no other details have yet been announced.

The trailer also reveals that the game will have a total of five ‘War Stories’ for gamers to participate in, though one of them, titled ‘The Last Tiger’, will not launch until after the base game. The previously revealed ‘Nordlys’ takes players to Norway, casting fans as a female resistance fighter against the German occupation.

One of the other campaigns is simply called ‘Prologue,’ with the feature image showing a pilot. The other campaign—’Tirailleur’—goes undetailed, though the name does provide some hints. Tirailleurs were infantry units drafted into the French army from colonial territories. These soldiers were decorated for their efforts in both France and Italy.

One further detail may be gleaned from the more abundant discussion of multiplayer in the trailer, wherein the French countryside is mentioned as one of the battlegrounds.

Whether ‘The Last Tiger’ will be a part of the free ‘Tides of War’ post-launch campaign or will come with an additional fee has not yet been revealed.

Unfortunately, information on the single-player content of the game makes up only a brief portion of the new trailer, following a trend of missing out on the unique value proposition supplied by the campaigns this holiday season.

Following a recent delay, Battlefield V is scheduled to release on November 20 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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