Anthem (BioWare) Anthem's Single-Player

EA has hinted at a 2018 release for the next Battlefield game, alongside slating the upcoming open-world action-RPG Anthem for release early next year.

The initial plan was to release Anthem during the final quarter of 2018, however, in a recent investor call,  EA announced the decision to push the release back to “early 2019.” The decision was made to build media attention around the new IP across the course of this year, while opting to release a new, officially unrevealed Battlefield game in Anthem’s original slot.

Anthem was initially revealed via a teaser trailer during E3 2017, and the project has since built up substantial hype within the gaming community.The game, which has frequently been compared to Bungie’s Destiny, is set in a futuristic and desolate environment. Early gameplay footage showcased treacherous weather and a unique flight mechanic using exo-suits to make traversing the open landscape simple, yet exciting. The footage released so far has also shown randomised weapon drops from enemies and teased the ability to customise and upgrade various exo-suits, each with their own devastating set of abilities.

Unfortunately, official word on where or when the new Battlefield will be set is not forthcoming at present, though gamers can likely expect to see details of the latest instalment in the near future.

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