At E3’s press conference ahead of E3 today, Vince Zampella officially revealed Titanfall 2‘s new single-player campaign “for the four people who didn’t see the leak this morning.” You can check out the trailer below.

Zampella confirmed the new single-player campaign in the traditionally multiplayer-focused franchise at the presser, joking about how most people probably already heard all about it in the leak that slipped out this morning.  He said that the campaign will delve deeper into the unique Titanfall universe and explore the unique relationship between pilot and titan. He also stated that the gameplay is being enhanced to include six new titans, each with a bevy of unique combat abilities, expanded pilot combat options, new customization and advancement options, and more.

Titanfall 2 will also bring Playstation owners into the franchise for the first time, so Sony fans can look forward to joining in the fun.

Titanfall was met with generally positive reviews while at the same time being universally criticized for its multiplayer focus and despite the hype of its release – along with unique and fun mechanics and an interesting world – it was pretty much a ghost town months after launch. EA undoubtedly sees the single player as a way to bring more players into the fold and give the game lasting appeal in a world where multiplayer-focused experiences are becoming less novel.

What do you think, single players? Does the addition of single player make the Titanfall universe more exciting for you to check out if you haven’t already? Or do you think splitting their efforts between a single player campaign and multiplayer game modes will make the experience worse overall? Chime in in the comments below and be sure to keep your eyes on Only Single Player for our E3 coverage in the days to come.

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