More details of BioWare’s Anthem have been announced as part of the EA Play conference today.

EA had previously hinted at big revelations for some of its most prominent upcoming titles, with Anthem being one of them. That promise has taken the form of a single player game with multiplayer being to further the experience and far from necessary

BioWare general manager Casey Hudson said the studio wanted to “make a dynamic world that changed” every time players returned. Hudson mentioned the game is “not an MMO, not a multiplayer game with story sort of bolted on the side.”

The developers brought up the concept of ‘Our World My Story’. The world will be the same for all players even in single-player, but players can play through and make their own story out of the game.

Executive producer Mark Darrah elaborated on the ‘Our World My Story’ concept, noting that it “combine[s] the impact of having your own personal story with the fun of playing with others … multiplayer is made to feel like a choice.”

The main forts where the player takes on new missions and talks to NPCs will be single-player based, and player choices will make an impact. However, when going into the wild the player will then have the option to play in a multiplayer co-op fashion. The main enemy in the game will be the ‘Dominion’, who has figured out a way to harness the Anthem of Creation as a weapon.

The game’s story has been “developed to add more stories for years to come,” expanding on lore and new story lines.

Players will control a freelancer who uses four different Power suits called Javelins: Storm, Interceptor, Ranger, and Colossus. The player can customize the shape and color of the Javelin.

Darrah also addressed the idea of microtransactions, mentioning that the player will always know what they will be buying, and all items will be “vanity” items, meaning there will be no random lootboxes.

Since the game’s unveiling at last year’s E3, it has been plagued with delays, with today’s announcement offering the first concrete details, other than that it will be a shared-world shooter in the vein of Bungie’s Destiny.

The trailer revealed more story information, talking about the Gods vanished and plunging the world into chaos, with the only thing left standing being the Anthem. The Anthem is what creates life and alters the world, and is creating a major storm that threatens humanity, with their only real defense being the walls that can not protect them.

Anthem was initially teased at the 2017 EA Play event, while gameplay was shown off at Microsoft’s press conference the next day.

The game will launch on February 22, 2019, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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