With the Electronics Entertainment Expo right around the corner, now seems as good a time as any to cover some promising prospects that may be seen at the show. A lot of impressive titles will certainly be there, but this list will focus primarily on topics of self-indulgence, games I am looking forward to most that many others may not be. For the record, games on this list are confirmed to be in development but not necessarily confirmed to have an appearance at the show.

Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3 isn’t the biggest game to be announced in the past several months, but it may be the most significant here. As a gamer that reached 100% competition on Just Cause 2, (yes, 100%) this is a very big deal indeed. This level of dedication to a game of that magnitude may seem to stray on the side of obsessive compulsive, but Just Cause 2 provided an experience unlike anything this gamer had seen before. What makes Just Cause 2 the king of sandbox games is two-fold. Firstly, it was fun, sheer anarchic fun.

The game didn’t waste its effort explaining the logic of strapping soldiers to flying propane tanks or surfing cars off flaming bridges, it just let you do it. Secondly, the game’s map was one of the largest and most varied in the entire history of gaming, giving a scope of explorative incentive that was almost unprecedented.  It is normally inadvisable for a game’s sequel to be simply “bigger and more of it”, but, in this case, that is all that is being asked for.

Dishonored 2

Dishonored was one of the rare titles that felt like a mash-up of several good ideas for multiple other games. Instead of feeling like a copy, however, it executed these ideas in a way that managed to create an identity all its own. That said, there were some factors that would benefit greatly from a reimagining, like the slightly restrictive environments, and to that end we have Dishonored 2. The world of Dishonored was creatively molded and continuation is welcome, but it is in the gameplay where the evolution can truly shine. The inventive selection and dynamic of gadgets, weapons, and magical abilities gave way to all kinds of vindictive methods of dispatching enemies, and one can only imagine what they’ll think up next.

Dragons Dogma MMO

Finally the last cult-hit sequel for this list, Dragon’s Dogma. This game, like Dishonored, was a title that was had an amazingly ambitious design with even greater sequel potential. Dragon’s Dogma was a game that had it all, visceral action, epic boss fights, an expansive open-world, but it was missing one key feature. Despite all the spectacular action, there was no one to share it with. Put another way, the game lacked any direct multiplayer functionality. This seemed like a no-brainer for the sequel, but what was not expected was an announcement of a Dragon’s Dogma MMO. A better alternative could not have been imagined.


Now that the newest consoles seem to be catching their stride and developers have evidently become more comfortable with the technology, this E3 has the potential to be the best one in years. A handful of new conferences also means that some publishers are confident enough in their games to not require a console to hold up their show, a bold statement. There will be something for all at this years E3, but for the titles mentioned above, I am holding out most hope.

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