E3 2018

E3 is heading back to the Los Angeles Convention Centre in mid-June, and, as usual, many of the biggest games publishers from around the world will be on-hand to show off their upcoming titles. Although the show officially begins on June 12, the most exciting announcements will take place in the preceding days, beginning with the EA Play press conference.

June 9, 2018

Electronic Arts – 11a.m. PT – 2p.m. ET – 7p.m. BST – 4a.m. AEST (June 10)

Early indications suggest that EA’s press conference is likely to follow last year’s focus on Star Wars: Battlefront II with a similar lionisation of Battlefield V. However, the publisher has also promised a “big reveal” for Bioware’s Anthem, as well as the usual annual range of EA Sports titles, including FIFA, Madden NFL, and NBA Live. Across its previous conferences, Electronic Arts has also set aside time for its indie-styled EA Originals titles (Unravel, Fe, and A Way Out), so the latest in that initiative is also likely to make an appearance.
However, a new Need for Speed is unlikely to be ready after the disappointment of last year’s Payback, and Dragon Age 4 should not be expected to make an appearance. Nevertheless, Respawn Entertainment has teased that it will make an appearance during the show, though whether that will pertain to its Star WarsTitanfall, or Oculus-exclusive VR game remains uncertain.

June 10, 2018

Microsoft – 1p.m. PT – 4p.m. ET – 9p.m. BST – 6a.m. AEST (June 11)

The latest Forza has become a traditional highlight for Microsoft’s E3 press conference, and, like clockwork, the fourth iteration of the open-world Horizon spin-off series is due at the tail-end of 2018. Outside of this expected announcement, Microsoft has remained quiet on the remainder of its plans. Though Crackdown 3 has recently been delayed to 2019, a strong showing would still be much appreciated. Similarly, the usual ID@Xbox Showcase is almost certain to return, providing fresh glimpses at a whole host of indie titles.
While third-party games are also almost guaranteed to be among the highlights, with the excitement around last year’s Xbox One X release now faded, the company would do well to start showing off its first-party line-up. The recent Halo: Fireteam Raven may be a tie-in for an upcoming Halo 6, and The Coalition is almost certainly deep in development on a new Gears of War at this point.

Bethesda – 6:30p.m. PT – 9:30p.m. ET – 2:30a.m. BST (June 11) – 11:30a.m. AEST (June 11)

So far, the externally developed RAGE 2 and the mysterious Fallout 76 are the only Bethesda Softworks games confirmed to be in active production, and will surely make up a portion of its press conference. However, the publisher has made a habit of announcing projects at E3 mere months before release, so the show may well be packed with new titles. Arkane Studios has recently been teasing Prey via Twitter and new achievements, so an expansion on the scale of Dishonored: Death of the Outsider is one possibility.
While a new DOOM from id Software is also possible, that team is currently involved in Quake Champions and the RAGE 2 collaboration, while MachineGames and Tango Gameworks, having only released their latest franchise entries last year, are unlikely to be ready to debut their latest projects.

Devolver Digital – 8p.m. PT – 11p.m. ET – 4a.m. BST (June 11) – 1p.m. AEST (June 11)

Having revealed the long-awaited Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass only a few months ago, the early 2000s action hero is almost certain to have a dominant presence at Devolver Digital’s “Big Fancy Press Conference.” Nevertheless, the renowned indie publisher has also promised some noteworthy reveals for its presentation. The team has recently teased the possibility of a Western release for FromSoftware’s bizarre third-person shooter, Metal Wolf Chaos
Given that the team tends not to receive the same level of press attention as its counterparts in the AAA sector, anticipating its projects is more difficult. However, a host of projects—including the Norse-inspired RPG EITR, the philosophical puzzler sequel The Talos Principle 2, and the madcap 2D action game My Friend Pedro: Blood Bullets Bananashave only vague 2018 release windows, so some firmer dates may well be on the cards.
On the other hand, the publisher may well once again dedicate most of its conference to satirising the industry.

June 11, 2018

Square Enix – 10a.m PT – 1p.m. ET – 6p.m BST – 3a.m. AEST (June 12)

For the first time in three years, Square Enix will be hosting an independent conference, though it is set to be a pre-recorded show similar to Nintendo’s usual offering. As such, the scale of announcements should be expected to be of a lesser calibre than the previous blockbuster outing.
Nonetheless, a finalised release date for the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts III is expected, while Shadow of the Tomb Raider is almost certain to feature prominently. A return to the biggest show on the gaming calendar suggests big news to match, so a fresh glimpse at the Final Fantasy VII remake and the official unveiling of The Avengers Project should not be entirely ruled out, though those may be reserved for the bigger stage of one of the console manufacturers. Furthermore, recent rumours have suggested that Life is Strange 2 may also make a debut, which is possible, considering the prequel, Before the Storm, was officially unveiled during E3 2017. Also, Steam recently leaked Just Cause 4, so Avalanche Studios’s latest open-world extravaganza may just make an appearance.

Ubisoft – 1p.m PT – 4p.m. ET – 9p.m BST – 6a.m. AEST (June 12)

Ubisoft has already revealed that it will be bringing The Division 2, For Honor, and Beyond Good and Evil 2 to the show, though whether they will all be a part of its presentation is uncertain. The Crew 2 is sure to receive a new showing given its imminent release. Also sure to make an enormous splash is Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, which reportedly takes place in Ancient Greece. Of course, more of the publisher’s smaller scale releases, such as Rayman or Grow Up, would very much appreciated as a reprieve from the blockbusters.
Rumours had suggested the possible appearance of Watch Dogs 3 or a new Splinter Cell, and, while they remain possible, their now guaranteed debuts beyond 2018 makes official announcements unlikely , and Skull & Bones is unlikely to get another massive showing in light of its recent delay.

PC Gaming Show – 3p.m. PT – 6p.m. ET – 11p.m. BST – 8a.m. AEST (June 12)

Unlike the other conferences, the PC Gaming Show tends to more consistently put a premium on hardware, so its reveals and announcements are slightly lower key. Nevertheless, PC Gamer has managed to partner with notable teams for exciting announcements in past years. CD Projekt RED’s new RPG may well be an apt fit to lend some star power to this conference, while Firaxis may make an appearance if it is on-target with its usual rapid development schedule. Also, Remedy Entertainment has promised that its Project Seven will be on hand at E3, and, unless it has partnered with one of the major publishers, a reveal during the PC-focused show may make the most sense.

Sony – 6p.m PT – 9p.m. ET – 2a.m. BST (June 12) – 11a.m. AEST (June 12)

Perhaps as a veiled sign that its internal development is shifting towards the PlayStation 5, Sony has promised a slightly different model from its usual E3 conferences. Rather than unveiling a host of new projects, the publisher has promised to offer deep dives into four of its most anticipated titles: Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, Spider-Man, and The Last of Us Part II. As such, similarly to last year, the company’s more family-friendly line-up, including Dreams, may well be relegated to the pre-show.
However, the conference will still be home to third-party games and indies, so Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII, at least, will likely make an appearance, alongside a new suite of PSVR games.

June 12, 2018

Nintendo – 9a.m. PT – 12p.m ET – 5p.m. BST – 2a.m. AEST (June 13)

With the teases of Metroid Prime 4 and Pokémon Switch, some gamers can claim that Nintendo saved the best for last in 2017, and full-fledged reveals of those projects would certainly capture considerable attention. The company has confirmed that the upcoming Super Smash Bros. will have a showing, but whatever other projects its development teams are working on remain under lock and key.  Nonetheless, PlatinumGames is working on Bayonetta 3 exclusively for Switch, which would placate the core crowd, while the family market may well be assuaged by a  fresh showing of Mario Tennis Aces, which is scheduled for release later in June.


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