Talking to Edge, gameplay producer Marek Ziemak has revealed that The Witcher 3 will take up to 50 hours to complete the main story, with 40-50 more hours of quests within its open world.

Skyrim, which I think we all love, is a rather short game in terms of the main storyline… If you just want to focus on that element and you’re not that interested in exploring the world, it’s not that big. But that’s the core of The Witcher 3: the main story. It’s 40, 50 hours, plus the open world.” Ziemak told Edge.

Combat mechanics were also described as “closer, more personal, and a bit more bloody”, and reiterating the importance of Geralt’s “Witcher Senses”, which can be used to track enemies or identify vulnerabilities.

Managing director Adam Badowski talked about technological capabilites, outlining that The Witcher 3 will look similar across all platforms, due to the similarities of the 64 bit architecture and DirectX 11 equivalent capabilities across the board.

(Source Edge)

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