CI Games has revealed the first new details on their action-RPG game, Lords of the Fallen. The first ever gameplay for the game will debut at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) next week. We’ll be able to get a look inside the main character of Harkyn and here is a brief look at his background.

Who is Harkyn? The answer to this question will be discovered by each individual player as they step into the boots of the main character. Presented with the opportunity to develop Harkyn according to their play style, gamers will be able to customize their character using dozens of abilities across three diverse and unique skill trees. Players will uncover and learn new secrets and abilities that will further shift the tide of battle in their favor. Hated and marked by society, Harkyn is the only one capable of ending the long battle of the Fallen God believers and those that have abandoned him long time ago.

“Harkyn is not your ordinary hero. Our team is committed to creating a distinct character and a gameplay experience unique to every player, as well as a deep, secretive history that players will be rewarded for upon discovering.  We’re excited to show LORDS of the FALLEN, our main character, Harkyn, and the advanced combat mechanics for the first time at E3 next week,” said Tomasz Gop, Executive Producer LORDS of the FALLEN at CI Games.

What do you guys think? Does Lord of the Fallen sound interesting as we inch closer to E3? The game is in development for PC and next-gen consoles. We should have more gameplay to show when E3 gets underway next week, check back here for more updates!

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