Well, LucasArts officially announced (and showed off) Star Wars 1313.  I can’t lie: It looks pretty interesting, to say the least.  Taking the best things from the Uncharted series, and melding them into the Star Wars universe makes a pretty good-looking game in my mind.  If you did miss the video, you can watch it here.  If you’ve already seen it, let’s go over some key features that are visible within it.

First of all, the obvious things: the Graphics

I doubt that I’ve ever seen a Star Wars game look this amazing.  Graphically, I’d say that it’s nearly on par with Uncharted, which is quite an acccomplishment.  Of course, there isn’t much in the way of a varied environment to analyize, but still, it looks very, very good.  Everything from reflections on windows, to sparks flying off of the tips of flames and flowing madly into the wind are visible.  Metal flies off of ship wings and crumples like tin foil.  It’s all very nice.

To be fair, this is the PC version of the game, so I doubt that the consoles (at least this generation of consoles) will be able to run it this well.  We’ll have to wait and see what else LucasArts reveals about it in the coming months.

 Secondly: the Animation

The character models are top notch, with each feature clearly visible to the player.  Sure, we don’t really get a great close up look while they’re speaking (the one we do get isn’t very long), but there is enough in the trailer to confirm that LucasArts have stepped up their game in that department.

Thirdly: the Story

This isn’t something that we’ve seen before.  I’m sure that mega-fans of Star Wars may know what the characters are doing, or where they actually are.  But for the casual fan, it’s a completely new experience and a new location.  Because LucasArts is starting anew, we don’t even know if the story will involve the Jedi or the Sith.  One thing’s for sure though–it will be a wild ride!

[UPDATE] The game has been confirmed to be about a bounty-hunter, who’s primary task is…well, hunting targets.  It’s also been confirmed that it will take place on Coruscant, the capital of the Republic.  Hopefully, this will allow LucasArts to expand into uncharted territory in the game, with a stronger focus on stealth, gunplay, and movement, rather than the usual lightsaber/force actions.

Lastly, the Game itself

I’ve never seen LucasArts attempt a game like this before.  Sure, there have been third-person action titles (i.e. The Force Unleashed, Jedi Outcast) but nothing with this sense of depth and realism.  LucasArts seems to be pushing boundaries with 1313, and I ‘m positive that no matter what the endgame looks like, this will be a fantastic game to play.

If you’d like to learn more about Star Wars 1313, be sure to check back on OnlySP for any and all updates about it.

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Kyle Bailey
Kyle used to work alongside Nick Calandra in the early days of OnlySP, doing such things as "writing articles" and "posting" and "being the Editor-In-Chief". But then college happened, and things slowed down. But, now that he's graduated, he can resume his life-long passion of writing about video games. And making movies. He also has a beard.

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