Rumors are circulating today about a possible new Splinter Cell game in the works at Ubisoft, and is set for surprise reveal during their E3 press conference. Although the source at Neogaf is not exactly a “known” source, it’s probably not too far stretched to see a new Splinter Cell game at this years E3. Rainbow 6 Patriots is the only other Tom Clancy game still in development at the moment, and as of right now, progress of the game is unknown. Here’s the details from the Neogaf user.

The title says everything. I’ve seen the promo and Sam is looking good as always with no grey hair (you will see why ? below), full body suit, and his mighty night goggles, including a serious look on his face.

The reference to the surprise is, the game is programmed to be shown at E3. But don’t be so surprised because from the atmosphere given in the promo it looks like is the next sequel of Conviction (and we already know how the previous game was/is), as the new title Blacklist and plot will be based on his enemies tagged as Blacklist; makes sense, no ?. Although I like the new look, so I give a little hope to see a big improvement, back to the old school OR NOT.

So here it is, the new name of Splinter Cell: Blacklist coming with a Limited Edition ready for pre-order.

Unfortunately for Ubisoft, if this rumor is to believed, fans were very divided on Conviction. Some didn’t like that the hardcore stealth aspects were removed for a more accessible approach and obviously others did. I guess will just have to wait and see. Keep checking back for more information as it comes in.

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