A NeoGaf user has just found a source that says Ubisoft is currently showing a new Prince of Persia game behind closed doors to a select number of journalists. According to the user, someone does have the trailer for the game, but it has yet to make its way to the public. After using Google Translate on the site from which this info surfaced, this is what the source had to say.

PR department of the French publisher Ubisoft made a serious blunders: journalists accidentally showed footage from the teaser clip of the new game in the universe of Prince of Persia. However, in an eerie and without any details, but the fact remains that the development of the next game in the popular adventure series is in full swing. In the presented frame, we saw a bald warrior (his face is hidden shadow), armed to the teeth and “packaged” in a strong leather armor.

This story would have ended well, if not in the camp of Ubisoft showed someone with a very long tongue. The source within the company, said that the announcement of the new Prince of Persia was to be held behind closed doors and only for a select group of English-language press. Now the publisher is in a difficult position: to work as originally planned, will not work – fans of the series will eat with giblets. So it seems to be a full-blown announcement is still to take place.

And now a couple of parts. First, the next Prince of Persia will not have any relation to the previous series. None of the successful trilogy, nor to the secondary and boring Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. If you remember, the latter was to become the first game of the new trilogy. But the low ratings from critics and sluggish sales have forced Ubisoft to abandon further work on a series of clearly failed. Now we are waiting for something closer in spirit to such TV series as the God of War and even Assassin’s Creed. Second, the new release will take place not earlier than the end of next year. According to a source inside the company, publishing barely started working on the game. So that at least half a year to develop them still want it.


We figured after Ubisoft did not show a new Prince of Persia game at it’s Press Conference that this rumor was confirmed false, but it seems there may be just a little bit of hope left for Prince of Persia fans. Make sure to follow OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter to stay informed on this rumor.



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