Dynasty Warriors 9 Story Progression

Koei Tecmo recently detailed how it will tackle Dynasty Warriors 9’s story, which spans 10 eras of The Three Kingdoms and features the entire roster of Dynasty Warriors 8 alongside a few new characters.

Speaking to Famitsu (translated by Kite Stenbuck) at ChinaJoy 2017, Producer Suzuki Akihiro said each era has a predetermined final objective, completion of which transitions the story to the next era. Alongside the main objectives, Dynasty Warriors 9 has various interconnected missions that make the final objective much easier. While players can rush towards the final objective, Suzuki says players will face a difficult battle as the main enemy warlord will be heavily protected.

The longer a character lives in The Three Kingdoms story, the longer they are playable in the game. Characters are unlocked by progressing through the story, and playing each faction offers a different story experience and perspective. However, Dynasty Warriors 9 lacks a Free Mode and “what if” scenarios present in previous entries, though Suzuki says the team is planning to implement something similar to Free Mode.

At present, the open-world game has no traditional difficulty options but developer Koei Tecmo is considering its implementation to satisfy the game’s broad fan base. Currently in place are action RPG elements such as player leveling and weapon collecting. Weapons can be unlocked from mission rewards or by completing weapon blueprints. The game also has obtainable elemental attachments for weapons.

Dynasty Warriors 9 launches exclusively for PS4 in Japan, while platform availability in the West has yet to be announced. Meanwhile, a recent post from Amazon US lists the game for PS4 and Xbox One in the West, alongside a placeholder 2018 release window.

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