Dynasty Warriors 9 Characters

After announcing Dynasty Warriors 9’s platform availability in the West, publisher Koei Tecmo revealed some new character designs for the game.

On Twitter, Koei Tecmo Europe showed new side-by-side comparisons of Dynasty Warriors 8 and Dynasty Warriors 9’s characters. While Dian Wei (Wei), Gan Ning (Wu), and Guan Ping (Shu) mostly receive minor wardrobe changes, improved lighting and textures are apparent thanks to the game’s revamped engine. Other character models from the Wei, Wu, Shu, and other factions can be seen on the official Dynasty Warriors 9 website.

As previously revealed by Koei Tecmo (via Gematsu), while existing resources were used, Dynasty Warriors 9’s game engine is tailor-fit for the game’s new open-world direction.

Unlike in Japan, Koei Tecmo’s hack-and-slash game will launch in the West for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Koei Tecmo has yet to issue a release date for any territory, but Amazon US has listed a placeholder 2018 window. Gamers should not expect to get their hands on Dynasty Warriors 9 anytime soon as developer Omega Force is still conceptualizing multiple aspects of the game, such as implementation of difficulty options and a Free Mode.

Dynasty Warriors 9 is the series’s first foray in the open-world genre since its inception in 1997 for the PlayStation One. The game takes place in ancient China and will span over 10 eras of the Three Kingdoms period. The game features the entire roster of Dynasty Warriors 8 as playable characters alongside a few newcomers.

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