Dynasty Warriors 8

Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Definitive Edition is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Koei Tecmo announced today that eighth entry in the Dynasty Warriors franchise will hit the mobile console December 27, 2018.

There will only be a digital release for lengthily titled game though it will only cost $40. As an added bonus, any who purchase the game within the first week of launch will receive a 10 percent discount.

If the title did not give it away, Dynasty Warriors 8 is coming with all DLC, meaning players can expect tons of costumes, characters, and “side-story scenarios.” Anyone who has Warriors Orochi 4 save data on their console will also garner some extra costumes as well.

Dynasty Warriors 9 received a surprisingly disappointing Fail from OnlySP. However, Warriors 8’s reviews were a bit better across the board from critics.

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Michael Cripe
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