Dying Light was for the most part a retread for me into what made Dead Island so… lacking.

Zombies in many titles over the years have just ended up offering nothing but the slow shambles of what makes hungry, hung over people so funny to watch in public. It tried its best to make up for this with a gameplay changing day and night cycle. During the day your zombies were snails that only became a real threat by putting yourself in the way of danger, while night introduced the now popular ’28 Days Later’ inspired runner that stalked you until you were their lunch, or you had the guts still intact to put up a fight.

Techland are back though to try and mix things up once more with its first proper expansion DLC, known as ‘The Following’. This continuation through Kyle Crane’s rather whiny story finds him taking his parkour antics into the world outside the big city. Gone are the constant stacks upon stacks of roof tops, and now you are running for your life through corn fields and among the bushy forests of the great outdoors.

I have to admit that from what we played this has been a job well done. The Following gets rid of the feeling of dry safety that the original release’s high rising buildings gave because now you are pretty much always on ground level with the undead and what’s more is that they are way more capable of putting up a tension filled battle for your brains.

Downloadable content always comes with a little carrot to convince you of your purchase and that is definitely done with the introduction of drivable buggies within this package. Cars were pretty much ignored over the grapple, free running in Dying Light, but now a replacement way to travel comes in the form of this four wheeled steed. Not only is it fun to donut some dust in a zombies chops, but slamming them with your bonnet as a one man flesh lawnmower adds a stronger sense of fun, especially when it comes to traversing Dying Light’s lands.

The story sadly seems a little stale. Something the original game suffered too, but to be honest this has always been a major challenge when it comes to creating a competent zombie survival adventure. Thankfully, if you wish to switch your brain off, drink safely without the worry of getting a DUI and running zombies over to your hearts content then Dying Light: The Following might actually be the way to go.

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