Dying Light 2

Techland has confirmed that Dying Light 2‘s autosave feature will lock the consequences of a player’s choice in place.

In an interview with Dualshockers, producer Kornel Jaskula and lead designer Tymon Smektała revealed that choices serve a crucial function in the game. Player choice will be pivotal due to the inability of players to save at will. An autosave automatically occurs when a choice is made, meaning players will have to accept consequences.

“There’s no saving on demand, there’s autosave after the decisions so you’ll have to live with it. But then you can replay the game and change [your decisions], or you can join other players’ games to see if the results of someone who made a different decision.”

However, Jaskula and Smektala offered further detail adding that some choices can be manipulated. Jaskula stated:

“You don’t always know what the outcome of your decisions will be and you have to live with them. There’s going to be some decisions that you can manipulate the outcome of, so it may not end up being that hard for you.”

Choices and consequences is a brand new feature built into Dying Light 2‘s DNA which sets it apart from its 2015 parkour-based predecessor. Players will be able to get absorbed by the gripping narrative, but Jaskula and Smektala highlighted that choices will directly affect how the player progresses throughout the story:

“[Choices and consequences] is another pillar of the game, something we are adding to the Dying Light DNA. It really matters in the game what choices you make, how you progress the game, and the at the very end we hope that you will be surprised with the outcome.”

As with many modern RPG games Dying Light 2 will have “multiple endings […] depending on your choices.”

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