Return to Nangrim gameplay screenshot

Sycoforge has released a new story update for its upcoming adventure title Return to Nangrim.

The developer has released the first issue of a fictional newsletter called the Nangrim Raven, which details the events occurring in the world of Return to Nangrim, including an outbreak of cave tarantulas. Check out the newsletter for more updates.

Return to Nangrim is an adventure game with puzzle, survival, and RPG elements. Players are able to find and craft new weapons to protect themselves from the dangers that lurk in the halls of Nangrim. The players’ best friend will be their torch which will light the way as well as provide protection from what may be hiding in the dark.

Puzzles and content are procedurally generated, offering players a new experience every time they play.

Return to Nangrim launches on PC in 2021.

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  1. Watching this title for quite a time. Can wait to finally get my hands on it! Thx for sharing John!

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