Love the original DuckTales (Woo-oo!) on the NES? Who didn’t. But what’s been bugging many of us for over twenty-three years are all of those crazy plot holes! Well, wait no longer fellow fans, WayForward plans on setting the story straight.

Capcom producer Rey Jimenz spoke a bit about the game recently to Siliconera. He stated that WayForward is adding quite a bit of original content to fill in the story gaps of the original game:

“In the original NES version, you go in the UFO to find the remote control to open the area to get to the boss, you don’t really know why. The game doesn’t explain it well. In our version, before you even get to the UFO you see Fenton who is Gizmoduck and he gets kidnapped by the UFO. You’re going into the UFO to save him and find all of the parts in Gizmoduck’s suit. Once you get that all together and Fenton turns into Gizmoduck he’s going to escort you back to the area where the door was and he will blast everything out of your way and then blast the door out.”

Jimenz continued with another example:

“In the NES version, you fight a big rat and it didn’t explain why you’re fighting a rat on the moon. That’s explained in here because there are rats they’re experimenting on and you let them loose and that becomes the rat down there. Also, how does Scrooge McDuck breathes on the moon? We explain that as well.”

Well that’s reassuring. Jimenez was later quoted as saying about 30% of the game would be new content and they plan to remain pretty faithful to the original title. We published the news about the reveal a few weeks ago, but if you missed it check out the trailer below. 

Jeff Scott
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