Studio V, developer of the upcoming dystopian thriller-noir visual novel “game,” Dry Drowning, has announced a deal with VLG Publishing.

Earlier this week, Italy-based VLG Publishing reached a multi-product exclusive contract deal with Studio V, including for the upcoming release of their debut title, Dry Drowning.

Set in the year 2066, the available story details of Dry Drowning so far paint a fictional European metropolis where the lines of good and evil are nowhere close to black and white. Players fill the shoes of tormented private investigator Mordred Foley on the trail of a series of gruesome Ancient-Greek-style murders.

Dry Drowning will feature three unique endings and more than 150 different story branches. Players will sift through a fleshed-out documents and clues system, as well as partake in a horror-style interrogation mechanic called the “Living Nightmare” system.

Foley’s haunted past will also figure to play a role, allowing players to experience flashbacks to past cases and his own memories while on the prowl of figuring out “present-time” cases as well.

The game studios’ creative team leads, Italian screenwriter Giacomo Masi and David Logan, believe that Studio V will benefit from the resources and production assistance which VLG brings to the table in their partnership.

Other than Dry Drowning, the studio is also developing another as-yet-unnamed story-focused title to be published by VLG.

For its part, VLG Publishings’s publishing director, Daniele Falcone, stated that the deal with Studio V further strengthens and solidifies its portfolio of published and upcoming games, as well as the reputation of the company overall.

Dry Drowning is slated for release in 2019 for the PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

What is your impression of the dark and brooding noir visual novel experience that Dry Drowning promises to bring to the table? Let us know in the comments below!

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