Drug Lord

Developer Star Legion has released the strategy-adventure, simulation title Drug Lord on January 30, 2020.

Star Legion announced the release via the game’s Steam page. The studio quickly warned players, however, that the complexity of the game may seem unbalanced, but it is not a mistake. The developer stated this was deliberate as the game is “justified by its main message that drug business is a dangerous and very risky thing.”

Star Legion also invited players to discover the type of person they would become by playing the game as if they were born in South America, challenging players to become the “second incarnation of [Pablo] Escobar.” Players will face high risk simply due to accidental events and the risky theme is further established by players misjudging future economic outcomes.

The studio clarified that the economic influence is not in-depth, but instead is designed to keep players on their toes. Players will need to be shrewd business strategies and learn that “life is a complex and unpredictable thing and you need to work very hard to achieve success in any path.” After all, Star Legion’s 2018 title Quick Maths: addition and subtraction also shows the studio’s drive to improve players’ education.

Players begin their volatile adventure with ruderalis, a low THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) variety of cannabis, and then progress onto harder drugs including methamphetamine and cocaine. The game rewards increasing yield by allowing players to acquire new seeds for their growers and unlock new recipes for their chemists to cook. The game also encourages leadership skills as it enables players to head a cartel and recruit dealers. Furthermore, Drug Lord offers four levels of dealers from standard street ones to professionals. Players can also recruit a boss who boosts the abilities of dealers.

An indication that players are successfully climbing the greasy drug empire is when the gameplay is disrupted with dealers and police raids. Luckily, at the player’s disposal are corrupt police who can help ensure deals can continue in prison, politicians who can reduce authority attacks, and lawyers to bail arrests.

Gameplay involves moving sliders to give players smooth control as well as keeping a close eye on members of the cartel in case they cease production. Players can also utilise economic statistics for analysis, warehouse tracking tools, sales figures, and the game also features tools that help dictate orders to the cartel.

Drug Lord is free to play and is currently available on PC via Steam. However, add-ons such as ‘Blue Meth’ and ‘Black Cocaine’ will cost USD$3.41 and USD$4.71 respectively.

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