Grand Guilds

Drix Studios has provided a December update on its upcoming tactical RPG, Grand Guilds.

The studio’s monthly update focuses on the new tactical mechanics to be featured in the game.

Drix Studios has added traps to Grand Guilds, which will benefit Paco, who players may use in their party throughout the game.

Additionally, a feature dubbed the Enemy Information System has been added. This will allow players to “view the deck and stats of all the enemies they will encounter before starting a quest.” However, certain enemies, namely those that are key to the main story, will be labeled with by ‘???’, indicating that they are unknown to the player.

This update also highlights new art and story elements. A new enemy type has been introduced, known as the Steam Golem, and certain sprites have been reworked, namely Kadmus.

Grand Guilds is set to release in January 2020 for Nintendo Switch and PC.

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Dimitric Edwards
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