Drew Karpyshyn, one of BioWare’s best known lead writers, has announced that he has left the company to focus on new projects for the second and, supposedly, final time.

Karpyshyn is perhaps best known for his work as senior writer on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, as well as his role as lead writer on the first two Mass Effect games and Jade Empire.

In an announcement on his personal website, Karpyshyn explained that the decision has been made to focus on his original novels, graphic novels, and to pursue freelance video game projects. According to Karpyshyn, despite his kind words for the staff at BioWare, the job created a toll on his personal work and he “had to  pass on because they would represent a conflict of interest with BioWare or EA properties,” inspiring the move.

Karpyshyn also made clear his desire to be in contact with his fans more, either via far more personal updates on his website or through more convention appearances, as he believes going freelance will allow him more time to interact with fans.

However, Karpyshyn has already announced his work with FoxNext Games and Fogbank Entertainment, a new studio recently launched in San Francisco and led by familiar faces to Karpyshyn, as studio director Daniel Erickson and studio writing director Alex Freed were also former employees of BioWare.

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