The developer behind Dreams wants to allow players to export creations onto  different platforms outside the PlayStation ecosystem.

Media Molecule co-founder Kareem Ettouney explained the studio’s approach to people using their creations in an interview with GamesIndustry.biz. Ettouney said that the ultimate goal is to allow anyone to export their game onto other hardware platforms:

“The very limited exporting features at this moment are, like, exporting a video, but we have in the long-term [plans] for exporting a standalone game outside of Dreams entirely—exporting to other devices and beyond.”

“But step one is to show our intent—so that from the very beginning we are doing this commercial concept, which means that everything you do in Dreams is yours. […] People in the Dreams community have already been using it to make graphic design, album covers, and stuff like that. Using it for their portfolios and showreels.”

Dreams has been in early access on the PlayStation since April 2019. Players can use the creation tool to design their own games and share them with other players.

Meanwhile, technical tools developer Daniel Kidney also spoke about plans for the future. He did not confirm if a PlayStation 5 version of the game is planned, but insisted Media Molecule aims to offer long-term support.

“We want to do new tutorials, new ways of teaching people, new ways of sharing stuff, new community features,” said Kidney to VG247. “I think basically Dreams, we can just keep adding… I think we probably got like 100 years of features that we just roll out at this point.”

Dreams does not currently have a release date for its final version, but is expected to release exclusively for PlayStation 4 in 2020.

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