Media Molecule, developers of LittleBigPlannet, have announced that the Dreams beta has been pushed back to 2017 to the dismay of players anticipating a hands-on with the upcoming game.

Studio Director Siobhan Reddy said, “It’s getting close to the end of 2016 and it’s time to let you know that the beta trial for Dreams won’t be starting this year. We are sorry for being quiet of late and for disappointing people [by] not being at PSX [Playstation Experience], but sometimes you have to just shut the doors, take the phones off the hook and hunker down and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing.”

Despite the British developer’s past experience with user-generated content, the team admit that the time frame for the project was too ambitious for the size of their new project.

They did, however, offer eager players some hope at getting a chance to experience the title:

“We are well on the way, and have had a really productive year, said Reddy. “We have ticked off many big tasks, including implementing a working rough cut of the full feature set, starting the QA/developer version of the trial and making good progress on the game campaign we are making within Dreams. The results we are getting in the studio are truly amazing, but we have a bit more to do before we share it with the world.”

She went on to say that more information about the game will be released in the new year.

The game’s premise has been kept under wraps, but Sony Worldwide Studio’s President, Shuhei Yoshida, has stated that Dreams will be a “next-gen creation platform”.

An earlier interview with the game’s Creative Director, Mark Healey, and Technical Director, Alex Evans, delved into specifics about the game’s interface, specifically its in-game cursor, which the team has dubbed “the imp”—a small, smiley face whose expression can be changed and customized by the player.

No release date has yet been confirmed for Dreams.

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