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As we wrote yesterday, Drakengard 3 is coming soon to PS3. Today, Square-Enix have released their first screenshots of the game. The official Japanese Drakengard 3 (Drag-On Dragoon 3) website has a bunch of new details regarding character and story, if you can read the language – plus a slew of screenshots and a few pieces of concept art.

The game, in development at Access Games (plus a few friends), features the journey of sisters Zero and One as they slash their way through a variety of unfriendly critters. No word on whether it will get an English language release yet.

Screenshots and concept art are right down here.

[nggallery id=15]

Thanks Gematsu.

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  1. Yup. Looks like a JRPG. Yay…?

    It kind of makes me want to go play Drakan, though. Mmmm. Free-roaming dragon riding action. *drools*

    1. How so? I mean, looking like a JRPG? Seems pretty hack and slash.

      1. Oh?

        *checks Wikipedia article for Drakengard*

        *comes back with face looking down*

        My mistake then. You know what, I’m actually kind of excited for it now! XD

        1. LOL I did the same thing.

          Checked out some youtube clips of the first game actually, might skip that one. Also apparently the story was heavily altered for the NA release to the point where certain things didn’t make sense….

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