In a recent interview with The Guardian, the Producer of Dragon’s Dogma, Hiroyuki Kobayashi claims that the upcoming title contains “the biggest map we’ve created in a Capcom game,” and that the “main campaign, it would take about 50 hours to complete,” and with the side quests, could add up to “over 300 hours.”

Kobayashi spoke about many features of Dragon’s Dogma,  including the ability to “climb onto [larger] enemies and aim for their weak points,” and the ability to recruit other people into the single player experience using the pawn system. The producer of the game also mentioned some plot points about the game and hinted at would be explained in the narrative.

The demo for Dragon’s Dogma is available on Xbox Live Arcade and the Sony Entertainment Network. The game will be released on May 22nd.

Josh Schultze

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  1. HOLY CRAP! Why do we have to have either 6 hour FPS campaigns or 100 hour RPGs? Can we not have some middle ground?!

  2. that's a fair point Mike. I mean you "could" just focus on the main story which is supposed to be around 50 hours… but then I feel dirty… and cheap…

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